WOOFKATZ In Home Cat Sitting

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Woofkatz, LLC offers cat sitting and small caged pet care in Atascocita, Kingwood and Summerwood.

Don't have a cat but have some other small pet (e.g. fish, birds, ferrets, hamsters, reptiles, etc) that requires care while you are away? No problem! I will give them and your home the same attention that I give the cats in my care.

Woofkatz, LLC is an insured Pet Sitter Associate member.

PLEASE NOTE: I DO have a second part time job and therefore, can ONLY care for pets who require ONE daily visit during your travels, This is the reason I can only care for cats, small caged pets and dogs who have access to a doggy door and free feed. Thank you for your understanding. 

***I will be out of town and unavailable to cat sit on September 5 - September 9 AND October 11 - October 20 (2017)  ***

Please let me know asap if you have trips scheduled during these dates so I can refer you to
another suitable pet sitter during my absence.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. 



Why Hire an In Home Cat Sitter?

Why should you leave your precious cat in the care of a friend, neighbor or relative when you can leave them in the comfort of their own home in the care of a licensed, insured and bonded professional? When you keep your pet at home, you reduce stress by maintaining a familiar, secure enviroment, as well as a consistent diet and exercise routine. The risk of travel stress is eliminated as well as the exposure to illness from other animals. Your home is more secure by providing that "lived in" look while you are away. I will provide crime deterrent services while caring for your pet, such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, bringing in the garbage cans, turning lights on and off and opening and closing the blinds at no extra charge.

Contact Information

Email:  woofkatz@yahoo.com

Phone:  281-910-8226

PLEASE NOTE..........

I also work part time for Department of Homeland Security.  My hours with DHS are from 7p to 1am Saturday through Tuesday.  If you call me between these hours, please leave me a message or text and I WILL return your call as soon as I am off duty.  Your patience will be greatly appreciated and I promise you won't be disappointed. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you and your babies soon!