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  • Lisa Perry has baby sat for my two dogs on several occasions and there are no words to describe the incredible and loving care that she provides.  She is very professional, respectful and adheres to the care plan that is set up by the client.  Lisa is an animal advocate and will go to any extremes to make sure that you will be satisfied with her services...I would not hesitate to recommend WoofKatz to any of my friends and trust her care implicitly. L.B.

  • Lisa is an excellent care giver to animals, bar none. Anyone hiring Lisa will get more than they would ever expect. No matter the animal, Lisa is a person who contributes to the fulfillment of your pets needs. M.S.

  • Woofkatz offers the convenience of pet sitting in your own home. My two girls love the care that is rendered..I have returned from numerous trips and have found both girls in excellent spirits..I can not exclaim just how professional and caring the service is..!! I highly recommend them for all of your fur babies..!!!! G.G.

  • By far, the most amazing service ever. Lisa is incredible! Nieve loves her and Lisa gives you the utmost comfort that your pet is cared for like her own. Thanks Lisa for all you do. Nieve thanks you as well. W.S. 
  • Lisa took care of Canton during the holidays and she was awesome....very thorough and very personable. She really made me feel at ease to leave my pet in her care. Canton is like my child so to trust someone else is a really big deal! I recommend her highly!!!! T.G. 
  • Best. Cat. Sitter. Ever. Period! Lisa Perry came to my home to pet sit my two cats Olive and Simon. she fed, them, changed their litter, and plays with them during her visits. If you are out of town, she will also make sure that it appears as if someone is home. She is dependable and fair.  I highly recommend her.  Lisa makes sure to update you on your pet daily. Very trustworthy.K.F.

  • I have known Lisa for about 30 years. She is my wife's best friend. Lisa is an animal person.  As a former police officer she will also conduct herself with the utmost professionalism during home visits. C.G.
  • Lisa, with Woofkatz is a wonderful , caring person , I know her for over 4 years and she has been my pet sitter since then. She's very reliable and adores my babies. I would refer her to anyone with no hesitation !  She loves what she does !  Every time I call Lisa she's available and ready to take care of my babies. They love her and I'm relaxed when she comes to watch them. She actually went with me to my vet to take my old Rex to put to sleep and she stayed there the whole time giving me comfort!  She's wonderful!  L.M.
  • AWESOME!!; I have used her petsitting service for several years. She comes over to watch my cats, my stray cats, my sisters cats and my mom's cats.  She picks up stuff at front door like newspapers etc so it looks like we are at home.  She "babies" my babies; and then she gives us a daily texting of the visit and it is pretty comical of what she finds our cats doing or not doing like "hiding" under the beds etc. She makes it easy to get her keys for the doors and payment is also easy; and my cat even made pet of the month for her company.. That made me so PROUD!!  and she left us some Kitty treats last time that my kitten still loves to play with.  GREAT EXPERIENCE since the kitties ARE my kids!!!  D.M.
  • Truely the very "Best" pet sitting company... They saw after my two pets. Fed and played with, two times a day. cleaned up after them. insured they had water. contacted me everyday to keep me imformed on how they were coming along.  Lisa... The Owner, is one of a kind.. from start to finish and beyond. She is someone who has a heart for pets. She is a warm and kind person who understands the feelings of a pet owner and that a pet can be more then just a "pet" but a member of the family. She GET's IT. Even in the hardest and darkest time in my life... Lisa reached out to me and my wife, before she went to the lord. and was there for us when we needed her.  What a wonderful Person.  E.C.
  • Lisa cat and house sat for 9 days. Took care of my kitties, fish, wildlife, plants and house.  She did a wonderful job and was always helpful and informative.  I received a daily report on my house and pets. Everything was in order and clean at my arrival. Everything was perfect, Lisa even took care of putting out and picking up the trash can.  Overall the experience was excellent.  I call her every time I travel.  R.W.
  • Lisa has been my pet sitter for a couple of years now. She is awesome!! She went to my sister's, mom's, and my house and takes great care of all of our kitties. She texts us updates, to let us know how the babies are doing. She is very friendly and responsible and will do a great job of pet sitting.  It went perfectly. Lisa is very trustworthy, and it is a load off our minds knowing that our kitties are in such good hands.  B.M.
    Lisa, Thank you so much for taking care of Gus. I know he was in very good hands the last few days of his life. I know that he loved the attention. I noticed a big difference in his fur already and he was purring so hard on Friday. I can't thank you enough for the love and attention you gave! A.G. 
  • Neither of us have ever felt so good about leaving the cats when we go out of town!  You are such a blessing!  We are so thankful for you and so are the kitties! G.S.
  • This was my first time using a sitter for my cat (I have used Lisa twice now though). I didn't quite know what to expect or ask, but when Lisa showed up for the first time to meet me and the cat, she took care of all that. She was very professional yet friendly, told me what services she provided and let me chose what I wanted and tailor it for my situation. You could immediately tell she loves animals. I was very comfortable with her by the end of the meeting and felt good with her checking on and feeding my cat.

    While I was on my trip, she emailed or texted me daily to let me know how he was, and sometimes included a picture. She fed and spent time with my cat every day, twice on some days when her schedule permitted. She was able to get my cat to come out and play with her, and he usually doesn't do that with people he doesn't know well. When I got home, everything was in perfect order. It was nice coming home to a clean litterbox and litterbox area!

    I was so pleased with the way everything went that when I had a chance to go out of town during the Christmas holidays, I of course called her again, so now I have used her twice. Excellent both times!

    Her rates were competitive and actually a little less than some of the others I looked at, but I can't imagine anyone else being any better. I absolutely will use her again and highly recommend her!   C.B.

  • I asked for my pet to be checked on daily.  Add food and water and make sure he went outside for a while.  Sit and give a little attention.  Everything went good and he was happy when I returned.  Woofkatz called me and kept me up on how my little pet was doing.   B.C.




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